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Customer Testimonials

Accountancy Client - Mr Manely
We found Hirsch & Co’s
Business Advice to be
Very Useful.

Mr Manely, JFM Engineering - Used Hirsch & Co since 1995.

Mr Manely states:

“Ever since we changed to Hirsch & Co, we find we can concentrate fully on our business, as they deal with all our book keeping, VAT, Tax, Accounts, etc. They have taken all the hassle away. We found their business advice very useful.”

Accountancy Client - Master's Putting
Hirsch & Co obtained a
Large Tax Rebate that my previous accountant Missed.

Mr Law, Masters Putting - Used Hirsch & Co since 1995.

Mr Law states:

“Hirsch & Co obtained a large tax rebate for me after looking at the accounts submitted by my previous accountant. I was really surprised and pleased.
The large rebate means that, their service has cost me very little.”

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Liverpool Echo Newspaper Article

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Echo Logo

Accountancy with the Personal Touch

Hirsch Sharma, Hirsch & Co Accountants
Small Firm of the Week

Former businessman Hirsch Sharma's bad experience at the hands of poor accountants drove him to switch careers and study accountancy himself.

"I found the service I was getting from accountants wasn't what it should have been so I decided that when I set up my own accountancy services, I would offer more to businesses to satisfy what they really need on top of accountancy and tax," he said.

After qualifying as an accountant and studying marketing techniques, he set up his practice 15 years ago and for the past 12 years his four-strong team has been based in Moor Street, Omrskirk.

His gripe against accountants is that they are too rigid: "They just stick to number crunching. They were not proactive. They just kept the paperwork and at the end of the year sent in the return."

"The common complaint is that accountants tell clients nothing and they are very difficult to communicate with."

"But I can show clients how they can grow their businesses or get their ad at the front of the Yellow Pages instead of five pages inside where no one will see it."

He also advises on business development: "About 90% of small firms are involved in crisis management so we add strategic planning for clients to help them have systems in place where the business runs itself and the client behoves like Richard Branson, where they are looking after the management of the business rather than lost inside crisis management".

His service even extends to design consultancy so that even clients' stationery hce a professional look to impress their customers.

"We are always looking to add more to help our clients," he said.

One area of success has been his track record on Inland Revenue appeals.
"When Inland Revenue makes mistakes, it is so difficult to get that it is regarded as a rare victory. We have scored I6 such rare victories against Inland Revenue," he said.

"My intention is not to run down the Inland Revenue. I am sympathetic to the fact they have major changes like self-assessment and combining with VAT.

But because of these changes and the systems they have in place, a lot of business people are having problems with tax returns and calculations.

Business people, especially small business, can get a pretty raw deal. It's a miracle how they survive. That is why we go out of our way to give them added value and services.


Name: Hirsch Sharma
Age: 55
Business Name: Hirsch & Co
Experience: 20 years in accountancy; Post grad in staff development and marketing qualifications.
Finance: Personal Funding
How Long in Business: 15 Years

Manchester Evening News Article

Manchester Evening News Article

Manchester Evening News Logo

Union Prepares to do Battle with the Taxman

by Peter Charles

An accountant appalled by the inefficiency of the Inland Revenue has launched a union fight for compensation.

Ormskirk based Hirsch Sharma says the Revenue has been in a state of chaos since self-assessment was introduced almost three years ago.

He believes that there is a strength in numbers, and that by standing together people with legitimate grievances about the mismanagement of their affairs and have a better chance of winning compensation than by going it alone.

"It is notoriously difficult to get anything out of the taxman," said Mr Sharma, senior accountant with Hirsch & CO, "But we do know how to go about claiming compensation, and provided people have adequate proof of their dealings we can make headway."

He says a recent survey by the magazine Accountancy Age revealed a catalogue of disturbing statistics.

"A staggering 96 per cent of accountants stated they had experienced problems with personal self-assessment," said Mr Sharma. "Almost 60 per cent had received incorrect tax demands, while over 40 per cent had suffered lost returns."

Advertiser Article


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Tax Turmoil hits Pockets

by Claire Stoker

An Ormskirk Accountant claims the Inland Revenue is in as bad a state of chaos as the Passport Office.

Hirsch Sharma, of Hirsch & CO Accountants, says that problems began with the introduction of Self Assessment nearly three years ago.

Mr Sharma said: "A staggering 96% of members of an accountancy body stated they had experienced problems with personal Self Assessment."

"Almost 60% of members had received incorrect tax demands while more than 40% had suffered lost returns or face revenue staff unable to deal with." A service has been set-up to put in claims for compensation on behalf of taxpayers who have been penalised for late returns which were the result of Inland Revenue errors.

"We think it is wrong that the penalties for the tax payer for late returns are so onerous."

"The Inland Revenue make so many errors and for them not to pay compensation is unfair."

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