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Unique Benefits

Hirsch & Co offer 6 unique benefits that you wont find elsewhere.

Tailor Made Accounting - To Lower Your Tax Bills

Most accountants take a one-size fits all approach. This makes life easy for them, but it can also cause you to overpay tax. We tailor our accounting to fit your specific business needs:

Concessions Review

The government has a complex system of concessions to help businesses.
We carefully examine the system to see which can benefit your specific situation.

Magnifying glass representing concessions review

Past Rebate Recovery

If your previous accountant failed to claim concessions for you, we can investigate your past tax payments and claim a rebate if due.

Gold Pound Sign representing rebate recovery

Tune-Up Processes

We can minimise or delay tax payments by showing you the best way to conduct business processes.
This can help you with your cash flow.
See how much you can save

Gear representing business processes

Active Protection from Inland Revenue

The massive public debt means that Inland Revenue is conducting more investigations, even on businesses with spotless records. Investigations are conducted on a random basis, so it is vital to ensure that your business is actively protected

We Speak to Inspectors for You

Other accountants leave you to deal with inspectors.

We speak to inspectors on your behalf. We are tax experts and so won’t be caught out by their questions.

Speech Bubble showing that we speak to Inland Revenue

We Shield Your Paper Work

Most accountants send your paperwork to Inland Revenue headquarters.

We only let inspectors view your paperwork in our office. This allows us to watch over it and answer any questions of the inspectors.

Shiny shield representing protected paperwork

Lock Down Personal Accounts

Many accountants provide inspectors immediate access to your personal bank accounts.

We require inspectors to first provide concrete evidence of wrong-doings, which they often cannot do.

Safe lock representing protected accounts

Limited Companies - We can slash your tax bills

For the last 22 years, none of our Limited company clients have had to pay any personal tax or car tax.

If your current accountant has not shown you how to do this, then you have been overpaying tax. Contact us today and we can bring you immediate savings.

Sole Traders & Partnerships - We can make you guaranteed savings

If you are a sole trader, we can save you up to £3,780 depending on your profit.

The exact savings depend on your profit:

If your profit is We guarantee to save you
£30K £1,980
£40K £2880
£50K £3780

These savings are over what your current accountant saves you.

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